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Dr Wolz Immunocomplex 250ml


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250ml. For a healthy immune system. Gluten & Lactose Free.

Zell Oxygen® Immunkomplex is a concentrate, therefore dilute 20-30 ml (2-3 tablespoons) with 200-270 ml (beverage of your choice).


Zell Oxygen® Immunkomplex is a specially developed product for a healthy immune system. It is characterized by its unique formula of selected bioactive substances which support each other in their synergistic effects. Numerous in-vivo and in-vitro-studies approve its efficacy.

By taking Zell Oxygen® Immunkomplex, in which micronutrients are already embedded into the enzyme yeast cells. Further, free radicals released though daily metabolic processes can impair the immune system because of their ability to damage body cells. Zell Oxygen® Immunkomplex contains ingredients such as vitamin E and selenium which help against those shown side effects such as stress, tiredness and fatigue.


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